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Boost Your “Baby Bread Eater’s” Nutrient Intake Easily!

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Currently, Joey would much rather feed himself than allow anyone to spoon-feed him. Because of this, his food choices are rather limited at times. He isn’t yet able to feed himself from a spoon, so choices like purees, yogurt, and cooked grains like oatmeal are out. He does a great job picking up foods, but anything sticky, slimmy, or mushy seems to end up on his body rather than in his mouth.

He loves soft bread, mostly because of its texture, and how easy it is for him to pick it up and feed it to himself. However, as a dietitian, I get concerned that he may want to fill up on bread, and only bread, and miss out on vital nutrients such as antioxidants and protein. So what better solution than a muffin that’s packed full of protein, whole grains, healthy fats, and even vegetables? And a muffin that both Joey and my husband love?! It’s a win-win!

I love Daisy Brand cottage cheese (full disclosure- I am also a member of the Daisy brand Health Network) and Joey loves it too. But again, it’s one of those foods he has to be spoon-fed, so some days he will eat a full bowl, and other days he refuses because he can’t feed it to himself. Daisy, however, has this great recipe for Cheesy Cottage Cheese and Flax Muffins with Chives.

With just a few tiny adjustments, it makes the perfect finger food for Joey and gives him a great source of protein, whole grains, and veggies J He even loves to help make them!

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Food Fights

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Before having a baby, feeding a baby seemed like a pretty simple task. Give him milk until 4-6 months, and then start solids. No big deal, right? Except that from the moment your baby is born, your life revolves around food, his eating schedule, if he ate enough, and the list goes on. I never expected the anxiety I felt that comes along with making sure your baby is fed correctly. And again, I do this for a living. Although I typically work with older children, I do have experience with infant feeding, so I should know this stuff. Many times I embarrassed to even ask my son’s pediatrician some basic nutrition questions, because I should (and probably do) know the answers. But when it’s your kid, it’s different. Your mind goes blank (or I’ve just lost too many brain cells from lack of sleep), but you need that reassurance that you’re doing it right.

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