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The best fitness coach ever

This post was written by Erin Palinski-Wade


As parents, I am sure you have days where you feel too tired to even move, let alone workout. But even on these tiring days, it’s important that you push yourself to move. If you skip too many days of exercise, it’s easy to get out of the habit and fall back into a sedentary lifestyle. So to help you stay motivated, enlisting the support of a fitness coach can be invaluable. Now, before you stress about finding the time or money to hire a fitness coach, let me tell you- the best fitness coach is already in your home with you. In fact, he or she may be on your lap as you read this! That’s right- you can’t find a better (or more adorable) fitness trainer than your own little one.


How can my baby “train” me to workout you may be asking? Well first, toddlers LOVE to imitate everything you do. And they love repetition- the perfect combination for an effective workout partner! Invite your toddler to “workout” with you. For instance, I lay on the floor with Joey next to me and do leg raises to tone my core. Then Joey lays down beside me and does performs “leg raises” next to me. Not only is it cute to watch, but his enjoyment of doing them and desire to keep doing them over and over encourages me to keep going. It certainly makes my workout more entertaining! What exercises does your little one like to imitate?

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